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Abeka is a quality educational system from a Christian perspective and these curriculum guides are used in our K2 and older learning programs. This is a phonics based program published by Pensacola Christian College. Our learning programs are geared for the development of motor skills and sensory processes as well as social interaction. Each age group works on their level and ability, while providing a challenging and enjoyable classroom experience. In addition to learning programs our K3 – K5 students participate weekly in Library time and Music with an experienced resource teacher.

We also hold chapel on Wednesday mornings for all rooms Toddlers and up. An age appropriate Bible lesson will accompany music and motions as the little ones in our care celebrate and learn more about God and His goodness.

Staff Education

Our teachers are highly trained and well qualified to care for children. They are certified in first aid, CPR, food safety, and utilize continuing education professional development for further preparation. We also encourage our staff to seek new and interesting ways to challenge the children in our Center. Our daytime, afternoon, and floor supervisors are always circulating and available to provide the room staff with additional training, learning activities or creative solutions for common developmental issues.

Do You Have Questions?

No problem! Give us a shout & we’ll be happy to answer any concerns or questions.

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